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Nov 25, 2020:

“The Best Books for Food Nerds”: THE FLAVOR BIBLE‘s Tino Marie shares “A Gift-Buying Guide: The Best Books for Food Nerds,” which include THE FLAVOR BIBLE:

“THE FLAVOR BIBLE:  A Thesaurus for food….Perfect for those who want to expand their repertoire and enjoy creating or tweaking recipes….I use this book all the time….If you’re the creative type like me, you’ll be inspired to create your own recipes and emboldened to try new flavor profiles.”

Best Books for Food Nerds | Midwexican

Shopping for a loved one who happens to be a food nerd? If so, I have some fantastic recommendations on the best books for food nerds! The following food nerd-friendly books are perfect for the inquisitive cook. And for those who have been diligently working on improving their kitchen game as a way to remain preoccupied (read:sane) during quarantine kitchen.

Nov 25, 2020:

Dianne Wenz Recommends Gifting THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE

Dianne Wenz of recommends THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE as part of her 2020 “Vegan Holiday Gifts Guide”:

THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE by Karen Page – This is a great book to help home chefs maximize flavor in their plant-based dishes.

Vegan Holiday Gifts Guide

My guide to vegan holiday gifts has something for everyone on your list! Look no further, because whether your shopping for cruelty-free Christmas presents for your family or vegan Hanukkah gifts for your friends, you’ll find lots of ideas here. Vegan Holiday Gifts I don’t know things are going for you, but the year seems to…

Nov 24, 2020:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE: One of “12 Amazing Cookbooks to Gift This Holiday Season”‘s Mashav Shelef features THE FLAVOR BIBLE as one of “12 Amazing Cookbooks to Gift This Holiday Season 2020”:

For the experimental cook in your life: THE FLAVOR BIBLE. This is a unique book — I wouldn’t even consider it a cookbook. This book is like an ingredients index and used as a tool to help you curate new dishes according to suggested flavor combinations. For example, if you’re looking to cook a red cabbage dish and you want to consider what kind of ingredients would go well with that, you can open this book on the red cabbage page and see what ingredients it pairs well with and what you should be avoiding. It also gives you flavor affinities, a list of classic combinations of ingredients that always go well together. For example, here, it would be cabbage-apple-pork. It also gives you some information about the peak season and the best cooking techniques. You can also find little sections of restaurants’ dishes featuring these ingredients. The Fat Duck Restaurant in London has a red cabbage gazpacho served with mustard ice cream. I would give this book to the more advanced cook, someone who feels comfortable creating their own thing, someone who doesn’t necessarily follow a recipe but always looking for inspiration and ideas for new experimental dishes.

12 Amazing Cookbooks To Gift This Holiday Season 2020 | Always Tasting

Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Cookbooks have always been a good gift for any occasion.

Nov 24, 2020:

A Purple Life Includes THE FLAVOR BIBLE lured us into her world through her anonymous early-retirement blog’s comment board, which featured an exchange mentioning THE FLAVOR BIBLE:

Q. Congratulations on the Plutus award! Your blog is so fun to read, I’m not surprised at all. This week has been pretty fun. I got a book called THE FLAVOR BIBLE and have been learning what ingredients go well together. My dream is to be one of those people that just knows what goes well together and can whip up something from what’s in the refrigerator.

A. Thank you so much!! You are too kind. And YUM I love THE FLAVOR BIBLE! That’s my dream as well to be honest. I’m so jealous of my BIL who does it without thinking.

Nov 23, 2020:

Holiday Foodie Gift Guide Features THE FLAVOR BIBLEs

Des Kazda of shares her 2020 Holiday Foodie Gift Guide, which recommends THE FLAVOR BIBLE and THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE/THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg : If you have a foodie in your life that likes to make up their own recipes then these books are indispensable. Simply look up an ingredient you want to use and it will tell you other ingredients that go with it. It’s perfect for making your own recipes with what you have on hand! I use the original FLAVOR BIBLE much more than the vegetarian one but if you’ve got a vegetarian foodie in your life, that one is a must!

Holiday 2020 Foodie Gift Guide – Life’s Ambrosia

Welcome to Life’s Ambrosia where Dinner is served and memories are made. Here you will find over 1000 tried and true recipes for every possible occasion. In the last 10 years, this blog has helped millions of families put dinner on the table and create food memories. Let me help you too.

Nov 23, 2020:

“Best Gifts for Men” Include THE FLAVOR BIBLE

The website features THE FLAVOR BIBLE in its 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Men:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE: John has started making up his own dishes more often, and this book has been an invaluable resource to him. The author interviewed a list of the world’s greatest chefs and wrote this encyclopedia of food ingredients listing the best things to pair with each ingredient. It makes cooking more of an adventure and less of a gamble.

Holiday 2020 :: The Best Gifts for Men * Laurel Meets Rose

Why are men always so hard to shop for? I always struggle to find gifts for the men in my life, so this year I asked John for his best suggestions. The majority of these gifts are things we already own and love or that we’ve gifted to others in the past.

Nov 17, 2020: on WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT: Include A Thoughtful Non-Alcoholic Option‘s Julia Bainbridge writes “Don’t Forget Nonalcoholic Drinks This Thanksgiving” — but it’s just as relevant throughout the holiday season. It’s worth reading just for Allison Robicelli’s quote, but also for the mention of WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT:

According to Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page’s WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT, certain teas can also suit turkey: chamomile, especially with dark meat; plum oolong, a medium-bodied oolong tea to which sour plums are added before drying; or a light-bodied, unfermented green tea. If you like to sweeten your tea, they say, “brown or crystal sugar brings out the flavor better than pulverized, bleached sugar does.”

Don’t Forget Nonalcoholic Drinks This Thanksgiving

Whenever I’m asked to recommend beverages for Thanksgiving, I tell people to include an alcohol-free option-a thoughtful one. As writer Allison Robicelli more colorfully put it, “You’ve worried over the 17 types of cubed cheese in the living room, but when I arrive at your house, you tell me there are some Diet Cokes in the cooler on the back porch?