Media Mentions

Jan 2, 2018:

Modern Makers of Mead Appreciate THE FLAVOR BIBLE

In their conversation on “Making Modern Mead,” Andrew Lumberto, BJCP Grandmaster; and Bob Slanzi (who talks about flavor profiles in mead, and creating flavor groupings) mention THE FLAVOR BIBLE among several resources for meadmakers:

1-2-18 Making Modern Mead – Andrew Lumberto, BJCP Grandmaster -…

1-2-18 Happy New Year! To start the new year off, we’re visiting with Andrew Lumberto and Bob Slanzi. You all know Bobby, he’s been on the show several times, and usually hangs out in the chat. Bobby is going to talk about flavor profiles in mead, and creating…

Jan 2, 2018:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE One of “Top 5” for “Healthy Inspiration”

Morgan Shupe writes on on “A Plant-Based Chef’s 5 Favorite Cookbooks for Healthy Inspiration,” and features THE FLAVOR BIBLE right off the bat, writing:  “This is my number one recommendation to anyone who likes to cook. I got it in my senior year of high school as a present and it is easily my top used cookbook. It is great if you are comfortable with the techniques of cooking but are still learning how to put flavors together. Every single time I look in this book I learn something new. Even better, they just came out with a vegetarian version!”

A Plant-Based Chef’s 5 Favorite Cookbooks for Healthy Inspiration

I always turn to cookbooks primarily for inspiration. It’s not just about getting information and precise plant-based recipes because I like changing them up too much! I love the photos too, and just getting a glimpse into how other chefs and food experts combine flavors.

Jan 1, 2018:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE A Favorite Book of Pros Whose “Food Jobs Rock”

For Adam Yee’s podcast “My Food Job Rocks!” he interviews senior associate editor Karen Nachey and manager of career pathways Jay Gilbert on “The In’s and Out’s of the Institute of Food Technologists,” asking them about their favorite books –which include On Food and Cooking, THE FLAVOR BIBLE, and Ratio.

Ep. 099 – The In’s and Out’s of IFT with Karen Nachey, Senior Associate Editor and Jay Gilbert, Manager of Career Pat…

Escucha y descarga los episodios de My Food Job Rocks! gratis. As some of you know, whenever I’m sent for business, I try my best to meet with people wherever I can. This time, it took me to Chicago. So I took a… Programa: My Food Job Rocks!.

Dec 29, 2017:

Dornenburg and Page Quoted in Forbes’ “Expert Predictions for the Wine Trends That Will Shape 2018”

Brian Freedman of Forbes features Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page in his piece “Expert Predictions for the Wine Trends That Will Shape 2018”:  Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page, authors of the recently published KITCHEN CREATIVITY: Unlocking Culinary Genius with Wisdom, Inspiration, and Ideas from the World’s Most Creative Chefs, predict that recent events will impact how Americans drink in 2018. “After the wild fires that ravaged northern California, people will be looking to support the California wine business that took such a major hit. (Paradise Ridge Winery in Napa Valley was to be the first site of our Bay Area book tour for our new book KITCHEN CREATIVITY this fall until we’d learned it had burned to the ground.) People will opt for more Napa and Sonoma wines to show their support.” They added in their email, “We’ll be turning to wines that reflect our raising consciousnesses, drinking more natural, sustainable, organic, and biodynamic wines from winemakers who have embraced these values in their winemaking philosophies. And our increasingly plant-strong diets (whether as full-fledged vegetarians or vegans, or simply eaters of more vegetable-centric diets) will call forth a trend away from ginormous veg-overpowering reds (like Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel) toward more veg-friendly lighter reds (e.g., Beaujolais, Cabernet Franc, Garnacha/Grenache), rosés, and white wines.”

Expert Predictions For The Wine Trends That Will Shape 2018

The world of wine, for all its reputation as a fairly hide-bound place, is constantly shifting. Styles, regions, grape varieties-all of these are just as subject to the vagaries of changing tastes and trends as fashion or music.

Dec 29, 2017:

Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg Remember Beloved Sommelier Jean-Luc Le Du

In her beautiful tribute to the late Jean-Luc Le Du, Vicki Denig of SevenFiftyDaily includees this remembrance:  “From authors and writers Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg: “The genesis of our 2006 book What to Drink With What You Eat (in which Jean-Luc was featured) goes back in part to our fascination with two interviews we did with sommeliers for our 1998 book Dining Outone with Larry Stone, and the other with relative upstart Jean-Luc, who had just taken on the role of sommelier at Daniel at the time we spoke with him. We bonded with Jean-Luc over our shared love of music, and he definitely kindled our love both of wine and of wine and food pairing (including introducing us to Banyuls as a seemingly magical way to make two chocolate lovers even more crazy about a chocolate dessert). After spotlighting him in a five-page sidebar in Dining Out, we were thrilled when a short time later Daniel—with Jean-Luc at the wine program’s helm—was nominated for and soon thereafter won the James Beard Foundation Outstanding Wine Service Award.  Jean-Luc has been a trusted resource for us over the years, as both wine expert (whose expertise we drew on while writing about wine for The Washington Post) and wine retailer (whose store we loved to patronize, as did many of our friends we turned on to it). We will miss him dearly.”

Celebrating the Life of Jean-Luc Le Dû | SevenFifty Daily

While many reveled in post-holiday relaxation this week, the New York wine scene was jolted by the unexpected passing of Jean-Luc Le Dû, one of the city’s most prominent sommeliers and fine-wine retailers. A self-made industry success, Le Dû was an inspiration to many, a neighbor to some, and most of all, a dear friend to anyone lucky enough to have been part of his life.

Dec 29, 2017:

KITCHEN CREATIVITY Featured on “Restaurant Unstoppable” Podcast

“Restaurant Unstoppable” podcast host Eric Cacciatore interviews Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg about the creative process and their new book KITCHEN CREATIVITY:

419: The Creative Process with Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg | Restaurant Unstoppable

In this episode with Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, we discuss the inspiration for their eleven books, following your curiosity, common habits of successful chefs and restaurateurs, the significance of listening, how creativity is the #1 skill or strength people attribute their success to, how creativity leads to competitive advantage, the 3 stages to …

Dec 27, 2017:

Wilmington Chef Says “Everyone Should Own” THE FLAVOR BIBLE

Ashley Morris of Wilmington StarNews interviews Chef Scott Surratt of Shark Bar and Kitchen about his influences, including THE FLAVOR BIBLE by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen A. Page as a “Cookbook everyone should own.”

Chef Scott Surratt, a shark in the kitchen

Not many chefs can claim they started their first restaurant job as a 12-year-old, but Chef Scott Surratt of Shark Bar and Kitchen certainly can. Growing up in Martinsville, Virginia, the soft-spoken Southern chef went to an Italian restaurant in town a few days a week.