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Jul 23, 2020:


On, in the Culinary Arts offering “Creativity and Craft,” bartenders Lynnette Marrero & Ryan Chetiyawardana mention THE FLAVOR BIBLE as a trusted resource for creativity:

[00:02:15.85] Collaboration, for me, is key to creativity because you can bounce ideas off of somebody. And then I always look to food guides and things like THE FLAVOR BIBLE, and things that help me just kind of understand how to compare and contrast, and constantly remind myself that you can take certain roles and learn them, and then choose to break them at any time and then be really successful to make something that’s new. So that’s how my creative process works.

Jul 21, 2020:

“An Excellent Reference” for Wine and Food Pairings: WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT

Becky Ellis of spotlights  “Unexpected Pairings for National Wine and Cheese Day,” and mentions WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT as “an excellent reference”:

Looking for more fabulous wine and food pairings? WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page is an excellent reference book including every food and wine that you can dream of.

Unexpected Pairings for National Wine and Cheese Day

Titillate your taste buds with unusual wine and cheese pairings on Saturday, July 25, 2020 – National Wine and Cheese Day! Wine and cheese with the addition of charcuterie and some crusty French bread make for a fabulous summer supper served al fresco on the patio.

Jul 17, 2020:

THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE Comes In At #1 On List of “10 Best Vegetarian Cookbooks”

The editorial staff of the website names THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE to its list of the “10 Best Vegetarian Cookbooks Right Now” — placing it in the number-one position:

Karen Page and her husband, photographer Andrew Dornenburg, have written some of the most respected cookbooks ever published. Presently, the married couple live in New York City and continue working on projects they’re passionate about.

THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE is a must-have reference book and guide for anyone looking to explore genuine culinary creativity, tools, and how-to tips from dozens of well-known American chefs.

This book focuses on plant-based whole foods that include fruit, vegetables, grains, seeds, legumes, nuts, plus a comprehensive A-Z list of countless ingredients from herbs and spices to zucchinis and blossoms.

This groundbreaking book is an excellent start for seasoned vegetarians or for those who are looking to test the waters with vegetarianism. If you’re looking for an essential guide to empower you to create flavorful and healthful recipes, look no further!

10 Best Vegetarian Cookbooks Right Now – Chef’s Pencil

Learn the ropes of vegetarian cooking from best-selling authors and chefs who are pioneers in their industry. Vegetarian dishes do not equate to plain salads – you get stews and curries, veggie burgers, lime cauliflower tacos, and many more! But be warned. Not all vegetarian foods or dishes are healthy.

Jul 11, 2020: on THE FLAVOR BIBLE: “Quickly Helps You Find Brilliant Combinations”

Madalaine at recommends THE FLAVOR BIBLE:

If you’re ever looking for flavor inspiration, I can not recommend The Flavor Bible high enough. This is an easy to use, at your finger tip, reference guide that quickly helps you find brilliant combinations. Fabulous, simply fabulous!

Icy Almond Granita Recipe for hot summer days – Lakeside Table

There are not many things that are more satisfying than diving into an icy bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day. A couple years ago, I was in Italy and discovered the Almond Granita. This is an Italian dessert that’s an icy treat with a strong essence of sweet almond.

Jul 5, 2020:

Weight Loss Expert Aaron Day’s Most Recommended Cookbook: “THE FLAVOR BIBLE”

Nutritional therapist Aaron Day of names his “Top 5 Cookbooks of All Time” in a video on — and THE FLAVOR BIBLE is among them:

“[4:12] [THE FLAVOR BIBLE] is probably my favorite book…I use this book all the time…A lot of cooks and chefs use this book to make their menus and to pair different flavors together and take those flavor combinations and turn them into recipes.

“This is more of a ‘meta-cookbook’ — it doesn’t have any recipes in it; it just has flavor combinations. And sometimes flavor combinations are all you need to come up with your own recipes that taste really delicious. Because if you’re hitting those tried-and-true [flavor combinations] that we’ve dealt with for centuries, then you can’t really go wrong.

“So THE FLAVOR BIBLE is probably my highest recommendation out of all these books just because i use it so much — I’ve used it in all of my own cookbooks. And those flavor combinations really are indestructible. So, great book…”

My Top 5 Cookbooks Of All Time

In this video, I’m sharing my top 5 cookbooks that have helped me become a better cook, plus write my own recipe books. Cookbook links: The Cooks Companion: …

Jul 3, 2020:

Aspirations to Food As An Art Form? Read CULINARY ARTISTRY

Alan at mentions CULINARY ARTISTRY as a treasured part of his Kitchen Library must-haves:

CULINARY ARTISTRY is one of the first books that really grabbed my attention. The copy I own has literally traveled with me across the globe and is barely recognizable. It has some recipes but it’s not really a cookbook. There are unique sections that outline ideal food and seasoning combinations that really helped me out when my brain was stuck. There are opinions on food and menus from world-renowned chefs about why certain food combinations just work. If you have a deep interest in food as an art form or have aspirations of becoming a chef, then I highly recommend this book.

The Kitchen Library List Must Haves – THE ANGRY EATER

The Kitchen Library list contains volumes that have given me inspiration and entertainment throughout my career as a cook and chef. Some of these titles have stowed away in my backpack across Europe and the U.S., and have kept me company during the tough times of a young cook.

Jul 2, 2020:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE An “Indispensable” “Must-Have”

Matt Riklin of The Jewish Herald-Voice reviews THE FLAVOR BIBLE, referring to it as “a must-have” and “indispensable.”

While perusing cookbooks, I noticed one that caught my eye because of how often I used to have it on my kitchen counter. THE FLAVOR BIBLE by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page….A must-have …Rarely do I find a book, cookbook or novel that requires its own key to being able to understand the content.…Once it is understood, it quickly becomes an indispensable kitchen tool. It is simultaneously a puzzle, brain teaser, recipe collection and food thesaurus that reads like a dictionary. As it turns out, food really is an international language with its own set of rules, but once it is understood, it can be used anywhere in the world. I highly recommend getting a taste of how to talk food with the assistance of THE FLAVOR BIBLE.”

‘The Flavor Bible’

Cooking has a language that only some of us can speak fluently. Just as so many struggled with a foreign language in school, we also may encounter similar obstacles when we take the leap from TV food fan to home chef – as we cook sans recipe, cookbook or video.