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Aug 28, 2020:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE Shares “A Little Help” With Esquire Magazine

Esquire magazine’s Justin Kirkland shares “How to Make Apple Cider Sangria,” with a little help from THE FLAVOR BIBLE:

Sometimes, I like putting unconventional flavors together just to see what happens, with an assist from a book called THE FLAVOR BIBLE. It lays out just about everything you could put in your mouth, and under each item, there’s a list of other foods you can pair with the first food to make it taste even better. For instance: Turns out that if you combine a bit of honey, plum, and black pepper, you’ll experience food heaven. Science. The more ingredients, the more fun, so it’s hard to imagine a cocktail recipe more thrilling to someone like me than sangria. The only bad part of sangria, though, is that it customarily is considered a summer drink, and summer is almost over….

Apple Cider Sangria Eases That Bumpy Transition From Summer to Fall

Sometimes, I like putting unconventional flavors together just to see what happens, with an assist from a book called The Flavor Bible. It lays out just about everything you could put in your mouth, and under each item, there’s a list of other foods you can pair with the first food to make it taste even better.

Aug 26, 2020:

Avoid Destroying Everything You Try to Cook via THE FLAVOR BIBLE‘s Jasmin Suknanan writes about “25 Useful Things That’ll Help You Avoid Destroying Everything You Try To Cook,” including THE FLAVOR BIBLE:

8. This copy of THE FLAVOR BIBLE so you can learn how to properly combine ingredients, textures, and temperatures for a ~heavenly~ plate.

Promising review: “It’s not a cookbook — no recipes involved. It’s an IDEA book. Hmmm, there’s leftover pork in the fridge, what can I pair with it? Peaches and balsamic vinegar. I would never have come up with that, I only think of applesauce or sauerkraut. Some items list many variations, like pork ribs, pork chops, etc. with tips on cooking methods. If you know the basics but want new ideas, you’ll love this book. If you know a lot but get stuck in ruts, you’ll love this book. If you entertain people who are hard to impress and need some WOW flavor combinations, you’ll love this book.”

25 Things That’ll Help You Not Destroy Everything You Try To Cook

Gone are the days of burnt chicken and undercooked pasta.

Aug 24, 2020:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE Inspires Austin “Heavy Muddle” Mixologist interviews for “Meet the Mixologist” Brian Sandahl of Austin’s Heavy Muddle Mixology, who — when asked where he draws inspiration from — mentions THE FLAVOR BIBLE:

One last thing I’ll add — whenever I’m lacking for inspiration or get “stuck” while working on a cocktail, I go to my trusted cocktail books like Death & Co and look for recipes that provide a good jumping off point, or to THE FLAVOR BIBLE to identify new flavors I could bring into a cocktail. 9 times out of 10, those resources get me going again.

Meet the Mixologist: Brian Sandah from @heavymuddle – Casual Mixologist

Often it’s food – I did an entire #RamosForDessert series where I turned classic desserts like Bananas Foster, Peach Cobbler and Key Lime Pie into Ramos-style fizzes. Other times I use what Death & Co refers to as the “Mr. Potato Head” approach where I start with, say, a gin sour blueprint and selectively plug in different sugars, citruses, bitters or spirits and see where it takes me.

Aug 22, 2020:

London Chef Judy Joo On THE FLAVOR BIBLE: “The One I Pull Off My Shelf The Most”

Korean-American chef, cookbook author and TV personality Judy Joo just opened Seoul Bird in Westfield, London (UK) for Korean street food, and shares on some of her favorites — including THE FLAVOR BIBLE:

I don’t have one favourite cookbook, but the one that I pull off my shelf the most is THE FLAVOR BIBLE, a reference book and guide to culinary creativity, by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg.

Judy Joo

Thank you @madame_foiegras! @madame_foiegras with @get_repos… t ・・・ Korean-American chef, cookbook author and TV personality @judyjoochef is a creative interpreter of Korean traditional dishes and has just opened @seoulbirduk @westfieldlondon for Korean street food. Here are her ‘Favourites’: . COOK AT HOME DISH – Pan-fried fish of any kind with seasonal greens, sautéed with a lot of garlic and chilies.

Aug 21, 2020:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE One of “8 Cookbooks You Need In Your Life”

Kat and Dev of Two Market Girls name the “8 Cookbooks You Need in Your Life,” which include THE FLAVOR BIBLE:

The best book a home cook could buy! When developing recipes or simply making dinner this book is almost always open. This book may not have recipes, but it does have a long list of ingredients and the flavours that pair well with them. So whether you have an ingredient in your fridge you need to use up or you want to try something new, this book is the key to building recipes with layers of flavour that work.

8 Cookbooks You Need in Your Life | Two Market Girls

Everyone’s been cooking at home a lot more lately, which means a reliance on Pinterest and cookbooks. Lucky for you, we’re sharing the cookbooks that we’ve been relying on lately. Disclaimer: Not all the cookbooks in this list our plant-based, we use many of the cookbooks in this list as inspiration and for flavour building tips/ideas.

Aug 20, 2020:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE: “An Amazing Book” for Cocktail Creativity‘s Heather Wibbels, a Kentucky-based whiskey enthusiast, mentions THE FLAVOR BIBLE:

Sometimes when I’m creating a cocktail, I’ll look up food recipes with those flavors and see what kinds of smells and flavors go together. I also have an amazing book called THE FLAVOR BIBLE which consists of lists of every imaginable ingredient and references flavors and ingredients that pair well with it. Think about why the flavors work together in the recipe, and see if it might translate to a bitter or flavoring element you’ll be adding to the cocktail.

Cocktail Contessa

If you’re new to making cocktails at home, even if we are in the sixth month of a pandemic, you want to be able to recreate classics in your home bar. There are hundreds of bitters out there and I’ll help you navigate the waters to find the best bitters for cocktails at home – specifically bourbon and whiskey cocktails.

Aug 18, 2020:

Chef Tim Hollingsworth’s Most Inspiring Cookbooks Include THE FLAVOR BIBLE interviews Chef Tim Hollingsworth about his most inspiring cookbooks, which include THE FLAVOR BIBLE:

Q. The top cookbooks that inspired Chef Tim Hollingsworth?

A. The French Laundry Cookbook.  Great Chefs of France.  THE FLAVOR BIBLE.
“I think people should buy books in different genres and kind of exhaust them a little bit. So whether it be I’m into Indian cooking and you pick out five Indian cook books and you sort of read through them and learn from them and make a few dishes in each and see the differences. Learn about a type of cuisine at that moment.”

Chef Tim Hollingsworth celabrates both luxury and mundane food

In this podcast Chef Tim Hollingsworth from Los Angeles examines his career from the French Laundry to his partnership with Blue Apron.