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“Publicity is like the air we breathe; if we have it not, we die.”

—Chef and cookbook author Alexis Soyer (1810-1858), as quoted in Becoming A Chef (p. 8)

Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg are happy to be interviewed by the media on subjects related to food and drink — including chefs, cooking, culinary creativity, culinary trends, flavor development, flavor dynamics, flavor pairings, food, food and beverage pairing, menu design, nutrition, plant-strong diet, restaurant criticism, restaurants, vegetarian and vegan cuisine, wine, and other aspects of eating and drinking and dining in America.

They can be reached directly via email at, or via cell at 646.715.3540.

To schedule an interview and/or to obtain a review copy of KITCHEN CREATIVITY, please contact Little, Brown c/o Zea Moscone ( at 212.364.1464.

Latest Media Mentions

Oct 14, 2019:

THE FOOD LOVER’S GUIDE TO WINE One of 6 Books About Wine to “Get Your Obsession Started”

Stefanie Gans of Northern Virginia magazine features THE FOOD LOVER’S GUIDE TO WINE on her list of “6 books about wine to get your obsession started,” writing:

THE FOOD LOVER’S GUIDE TO WINE by Karen Page with Andrew Dornenburg: If you’re familiar with this married couple’s encyclopedic tomes of food knowledge (see: THE FLAVOR BIBLE), then their cunning use of adjective-heavy lists will feel just right when it’s used to help dissect varietals. Regions (there’s a Virginia entry!) and styles are also sliced into tidbits of information ranging from flavors and textures of grapes to food pairings and world-class producers. (Little, Brown & Company, $35)”

6 books about wine to get your obsession started

From the classic Windows on the World to today’s infographic storyteller Wine Folly, there’s a guide for your style. The world of wine is as complex as it is enjoyable. Learn a little bit more about the grape in your glass with these classic and current books.

Oct 8, 2019:

Ojai Caterer Ariane Aumont Really Cooks — Out of CULINARY ARTISTRY‘s Ariel Knutsen profiles Ariane Aumont of Ojai, California’s Le Picnic, who gives a shout-out to CULINARY ARTISTRY as a cookbook she really uses to cook:

Q. Cookbook you actually cook out of? A. I don’t really read cookbooks, but have always loved CULINARY ARTISTRY as a point of reference when developing a dish. It’s really more like a thesaurus of food.”

The Caterer in Ojai, California Who Is Obsessed with Homemade Hot Sauce

We independently select these products-if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission. Name: Ariane Aumont Location: Ojai, California How many people regularly eat together in your home? Usually just Ariane, but sometimes her brother or her boyfriend come over for dinner. Avoidances: None.

Oct 8, 2019:

Feast Magazine Profiles Flavor Master “Armed With Her Trusty FLAVOR BIBLE”

Lillian Stone of Feast magazine profiles Shawnee Bullette, the kitchen and products manager at Culture Counter, a new neighborhood grocery and grab-and-go destination opening in Rountree, who gives a shout-out to THE FLAVOR BIBLE:

“…[S]he’s been perfecting her flavor mastery for years. Bullette holds an associate’s degree in baking, spending four years behind the grill at Gailey’s Breakfast Cafe and five years as a baker at Tea Bar & Bites, also in Rountree. Now, armed with her trusty FLAVOR BIBLE, Bullette is blazing sweet new trails at Culture Counter.”

Shawnee Bullette of Culture Counter on Orange Zest, Canned Chicken Soup and Blueberry-Jalapeño Ice Cream

What do cashew butter, blueberry-jalapeño and browned ghee all have in common? They’re all some of Shawnee Bullette’s most recent ice cream flavor concoctions, and they’ll all soon be available in Springfield, Missouri’s Rountree neighborhood.

Oct 4, 2019:

Business Insider: THE FLAVOR BIBLE One of “26 Thoughtful Cookbooks to Gift”

Mara Leighton of Business Insider gets a jump on the holiday season with her list of “26 Unexpected Cookbooks to Gift Every Type of Home Cook,” which features THE FLAVOR BIBLE:

“Drawing on dozens of leading chefs’ combined experience in top restaurants across the country, Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg set down a definitive guide to seasoning ingredients to coax the greatest possible flavor from them.”

26 thoughtful cookbooks to gift to every type of home cook

If you’re shopping for someone who loves to cook, your best bet may be a cookbook they don’t already have. Below, shop 26 of the best cookbooks you can give – ranging from the classics to trendy new titles. Do you know someone whose greatest joy is arranging an artisanal cheese board, watching “Barefoot Contessa,” or “coaxing” flavors out of ingredients?

Oct 2, 2019:

Source Weekly’s Lisa Sipe: “Every Cook Must Have” THE FLAVOR BIBLE

Source Weekly‘s Lisa Sipe features THE FLAVOR BIBLE in her article “Food Pairing Bible Every Cook Must Have”:

“This was my life until I discovered THE FLAVOR BIBLE: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of America’s Most Imaginative Chefs by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg. I found it through an obsession with cookbooks, I’m always looking to add to my collection. A side note here for my fellow cookbook lovers, the Deschutes Public Library is your friend. See if they have the cookbook you want to buy and if they do take a recipe or two for a test drive before you purchase. This has saved me cash and shelf space.

THE FLAVOR BIBLE changed my life as a home cook.”

Food Pairing Bible Every Cook Must Have

Are you a recipe follower? I was and it made me envious of people who could just peruse their pantry and whip up something from nothing. My partner does this with success most of the time. Although his recent chipotle sauerkraut, arugula, blue cheese and refried bean burrito was an epic fail, too many competing flavors.

Sep 30, 2019:

Host A Food Waste Dinner Party Using THE FLAVOR BIBLE

The Good Trade‘s Katherine Oakes Englishman writes about “How To Host A Food Waste Dinner Party,” recommending three books as resources — which include THE FLAVOR BIBLE:

How To Host A Food Waste Dinner Party

The method is simple: invite friends to bring over homemade dishes made only with what they have in their kitchen. Try your very best not to go out and buy anything extra! Instead, challenge yourself to be creative and to see the possibilities that lay waiting-you’d be surprised at how far you can stretch your leftover farmer’s market haul.

Sep 27, 2019:

Popular Mechanics Recommends Gifting ONE Cookbook: THE FLAVOR BIBLE

Adrienne Donica of Popular Mechanics magazine compiles “22 Great Gifts For Tech-Loving Foodies This Holiday Season,” which include only one book: THE FLAVOR BIBLE.

“This James Beard Award-winning cookbook is sure to inspire a science-obsessed foodie. Authors Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg explain the formula for a great recipe and delve into why food tastes good before sharing an ingredient index with suggested flavor pairings, so any at-home chef can invent their own dishes.”

22 Great Holiday Gifts For Tech-Loving Foodies

Mariah Carey may have wanted you for Christmas, but the tech-obsessed foodies in your life don’t-they’re lusting after some cool new kitchen gadgets so they can enjoy two of their favorite things: grub and science. These tools will make it easier for food-loving family members or friends to hone their craft.

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