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Pizza at Marta Crackles with Flavor

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The secret's in the sawdust (laced with dried herbs), which helps fire Marta's pizza ovens via a century-old tradition

The secret’s in the sawdust (laced with dried herbs), which helps fire Marta’s pizza ovens via a century-old tradition

Danny Meyer & Company’s latest addition to the Union Square Hospitality Group Marta has been on our radar since the day it was announced, but with pressing deadlines through yesterday, we weren’t able to attempt to make it into the three-day-old restaurant until today.  Our initial idea of getting there at noon today wasn’t working out, so — not finding an open table on — Karen called shortly after noon (when the hotel transferred her to the restaurant) to make sure the restaurant would be taking walk-ins, and was assured Marta was.  She also asked about the somewhat confusing language on the website that “*The kitchen will only offer Pizza from 3:30 – 4:30 pm.”  We definitely wanted pizza, so did that mean we had to get there during that one-hour window?  No, she was told, but if we wanted to eat during that one-hour window, all we’d be able to order would be pizza.  Got it — thanks so much.

Despite the torrential downpour that was in full force in Manhattan this afternoon at 3 pm, we managed to make our way to Marta before 3:30 pm — when we were stunned to be told that the restaurant wasn’t serving any food at that time, pizza or otherwise.  “But we called…” we protested.  “Not sure who gave you that information…” the restaurant replied.  One person after another asked the next up in the Marta hierarchy who continued the denials, until one asked if we wished to speak to the restaurant’s general manager.  We did, and sat down in comfortable seats to wait.  Finally, we were told that we would be able to order pizza, and that the restaurant was glad that they’d be able to serve us.  We were glad, too.

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