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Suited for the Super Bowl

If the two teams competing in Super Bowl XLII were wines, what would they be? Gary Vaynerchuk, host of a popular wine webcast, is as passionate about football as he is about wine, so the question we asked him wasn’t rhetorical.

The New England Patriots? “Classic Bordeaux, 1982.” The New York Giants? “Cava, which is a major underdog in the sparkling-wine world,” Vaynerchuk told us, adding, “But I would root for cava, while I’d never root for the Giants.”

Vaynerchuk, 32, is a die-hard Jets fan, as he has made clear to anyone who has tuned in even a handful of times to his groundbreaking weekday webcasts on Wine Library TV (, of which Episode 400 is due to play this month. “If WLTV aired on television instead of the Web, I would now have the longest-running show of all time,” he jokes.

Besides hosting the webcasts, Vaynerchuk is director of operations at Wine Library, a New Jersey store that also sells wine online. Though many in the traditional wine world have never heard of him, his unorthodox yet undeniably entertaining way of describing wines (think less “cassis” and “tobacco” and a lot more “Cocoa Puffs” and “Big League Chew”) has created a passionate army of a reported 40,000 regular viewers known as Vayniacs, one of whom even created Episode 125 as a tribute to WLTV. Their ranks continue to swell after Vaynerchuk’s recent appearances on National Public Radio, “Late Night With Conan O’Brien,” “Ellen” and “Nightline.” Continue reading…