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Chocolate & Wine, Sweet on Each Other

We have loved chocolate for a couple of decades longer than we have loved wine. For much of that time, in fact, we thought great chocolate to be superior to everything else — wine included.

We were wrong. At that point, we had never tasted the right chocolate paired with the right wine. Once we did, experiencing how the ideal combination somehow made chocolate taste even better by bringing another flavor dimension to the experience, we couldn’t go back. Now we rarely take a bite of chocolate without following with a sip of wine, or at least envisioning which wine that particular chocolate makes us crave.

Chocolate is a year-round pleasure, but the pairing secrets we have learned come in particularly handy now that the season of entertaining and gift giving is around the corner.

First, it’s important to know your chocolate. It offers a range of sweetness and richness represented by dark chocolate (from bittersweet to semisweet, it typically contains 45 to 85 percent cocoa), milk chocolate (which is creamier, as it must contain at least 12 percent milk solids) and white chocolate (which contains no cocoa, just cocoa butter), with different pairing implications. Continue reading…