Drinks Experts Inspired By Our Books


The cocktail bookshelf behind the bar at The Modern in New York City features classic cocktail books — including THE FLAVOR BIBLE — in custom-designed slip covers

“The 10 great cocktail books every booze lover should own: Want to stuff your shelves with the most essential cocktail books around? To master the classics, here’s where to start….THE FLAVOR BIBLE.  Okay, so this one is a little wild card for you. No, it’s not a cocktail book, but it’s a text that is beloved and used by many chefs and bartenders in their craft. Authors Page and Dornenburg give advice and insight in how to create balance, enhance flavor, and make exciting ingredient combinations that work.”
–Marcia Gagliardi, Time Out: New York

10 Cocktail Books You Should Read Right Now….While this book isn’t a cocktail book per se, if you ask any bartender and they’ll tell you that THE FLAVOR BIBLE is one to have in your arsenal…It’s truly an asset both in the kitchen and behind the bar.”
Heather Hoch, Phoenix New Times

[THE FLAVOR BIBLE is] a thesaurus for cooks! But surprisingly, it’s also a mixologist’s secret weapon. I mentioned it to one mixologist on a not-so-recent visit to the Cosmopolitan’s Vesper Bar while yapping about food stuffs, and he indicated that he used it to create drinks. Some time later, while slurping oysters and enjoying a Belgian Delirium Tremens pale ale at Bouchon in the Venetian, I spotted a copy of this book behind the bar. I mentioned it to a few other bartenders and mixologists, and most of them had either heard of it or owned a well-thumbed copy.”
Sin City Snitch (Las Vegas)

“Six must-have books recommended for serious mixologists….A book of recipes in this section? Yes, because THE FLAVOR BIBLE is a collection of mix & match gastronomic so complete that it ‘does very well to inspire and create,’ says Marc Alvarez [bar manager of Albert Adria’s ElBarri].”
The Spanish-language website TheShakerAndTheJigger.com

In addition to the realms of food and wine, our work has influenced the field of mixology.  CULINARY ARTISTRY was such a surprise cult favorite among mixologists that it influenced us to proactively make alcohol a bigger part of THE FLAVOR BIBLE, which includes a number of spirits.

THE FLAVOR BIBLE is frequently named a must-have book for modern bartenders, bar chefs, and mixologists literally around the world, appearing on Time Out‘s 2016 list of the 10 Great Cocktail Books Every Booze Lover Should Own, SeriousEats.com‘s 2014 list of Favorite Modern Cocktail Books, Eater.com‘s 2013 list of the Best Cocktail Books, as well as Cocktail.About.com‘s list of the Best Cocktail Books of 2008.

You’ll find THE FLAVOR BIBLE behind the bar at restaurants all around the world, including Bacaro Kitchen & Drink (Kelowna, BC), The Modern (NYC), and Tempo Dulu (Camden, ME).

Below is a sampling of bartenders and mixologists who have counted our books as a source of inspiration when developing new cocktails:

Marc Alvarez, bar manager of Albert Adria’s elBarri in Barcelona (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Rich Andreoli, described by Societe Perrier as “one of LA’s under-the-radar rockstar bartenders with gigs from WeHo’s Soho House to most recently Areal in Santa Monica”  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

THE FLAVOR BIBLE is my favorite.”
Rich Andreoli

Hallie Arnold, The Grocery, Charleston  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

THE FLAVOR BIBLE: It’s a matchmaking flavor reference that helps me find what is compatible with just about any ingredient. I particularly like the easy to follow approach the authors took to listing the flavor affinities. It’s fun to discover a flavor component to take a cocktail to another level.”
Hallie Arnold, to Eater.com

Jason Asher, Sanctuary Resort’s Jade Bar and GQ magazine’s “Most Inspired Bartender of 2010,” Phoenix  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

David Bain, The Refinery, Vancouver  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Scott Baird, Trick Dog, San Francisco  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Attila Balint, Atmosphere, Beijing  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Meghan Balser, Seven Grand, San Diego (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

My favorite cocktail book is actually a culinary book called THE FLAVOR BIBLE.  It’s the perfect reference for complementary flavor combinations. It’s an inspiration for ingredients in cocktails, as well as a muse for experimentation.”
–Meg Balser, in San Diego magazine

Rafael Barbosa, operations manager, Fire & Ice and underFIRE (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

“Thank you for creating THE FLAVOR BIBLE! I literally pick it up every time I design a cocktail and taco menu!”
–Rafael Barbosa, via Twitter

Scott Beattie, author of Artisanal Cocktails, Spoonbar (and formerly of Cyrus), Healdsburg, CA  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE and THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Katie Bell, service director, Blue Hill, NYC  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

My favourite for cocktail inspiration as well!!  #thankYOU”
–Katie Bell, via Twitter

Andrew Bohrer, bar consultant, New Orleans  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Bolsa bartender, Dallas  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Noriko Boston, Cocktails in the Kitchen  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Jamie Boudreau, Canon, Seattle  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Natalie Bovis, TheLiquidMuse.com  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Steva Casey, Little Savannah, Birmingham  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Elliott Clark, founder of Apartment Bartender and winner of the 2017 Arizona Cocktail Week cocktail competition  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Paul Clarke, The Cocktail Chronicles  (WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT)

“Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page [are] authors of several volumes that transcend the ‘cookbooks’ label….With this useful, rigorously researched book, Dornenburg and Page have more thoroughly and efficiently linked the food and drink categories than has any other volume you’re likely to find on the shelf.”
–Paul Clarke

Christopher Conatser, 2008 winner of the Greater Kansas City Bartending Competition, Delaware Cafe, Kansas City  (CULINARY ARTISTRY and THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

“Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page’s THE FLAVOR BIBLE will help get you started on flavor composition…For those with an interest in adding ‘kitchen’ flavors and creativity to their cocktails, CULINARY ARTISTRY offers an intense introduction that will have you off and running.”
Christopher Conatser

Nikki Davidson, CocktailCrafty.com  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

“I cannot express how much I love THE FLAVOR BIBLE. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t use it while cooking or making cocktails. A great investment for any home bartender or cook.”
Nikki Davidson

Bryan Dayton, Oak at Fourteenth, Boulder  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

“Bryan Dayton, co-owner of Oak at Fourteenth and self-described beverage guy, recommends getting a copy of THE FLAVOR BIBLE by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg. ‘It’s a really great book that a lot of chefs use,’ he says. ‘We use it in bartending.'”
Daily Camera

Sabrine Dedden, West, Vancouver  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

“The one non-cocktail book that should be behind every bar.”
Sabrine Dedden

Dani DeLuna, HomeBarGirl.com  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

“The greatest book on earth for a girl in search of flavor pairings.”
Dani DeLuna

Logan Demmy, Mouton, Columbus, OH  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Trevor Easter, Noble Experiment, San Diego  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

“I personally don’t depend on cocktail books anymore, but in the past I would dive in deep like a record collector searching for a forgotten gem. At Noble Experiment we have curated a large collection of books that I think are relevant and my staff searches for the gems and shares them with everyone. The only book I find myself constantly going back to is THE FLAVOR BIBLE.  It’s just so quick and easy and gives you just what you need.”
Trevor Easter

Gary Elliot, DocElliott.net  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Paul Ryan Elliot, YSA Distillery, Los Angeles  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Lucas Endres, Merchant, Madison, WI  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Jesse Erickson, bartender and Food & Spirits writer, Omaha  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Evan Faber, beverage director, Salt, Boulder  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Dave Fernie, Harvard & Stone and Pour Vous, Los Angeles  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Jon Gasparini, 15 Romolo, Rye, and Rosewood, San Francisco  (CULINARY ARTISTRY and THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

“San Franciscans have Jon Gasparini to thank for the city’s cocktail revolution. Opening 15 Romolo in 1998, he was ahead of the artisan cocktail curve, using local ingredients and homemade tinctures long before the word ‘mixology’ entered the modern SF vocabulary. Spreading his perfectly crafted drinks to more neighborhoods with Rosewood and Rye,  he expanded his empire even further with Rye On The Road  bespoke cocktail catering (a Sōsh event favorite) in 2007. While you anxiously await the opening of his new bar concept in 2013, check out his favorite places to eat, drink and be merry. Q. Where do you get your inspiration for an exciting new cocktail? A. I love starting with cookbooks. THE FLAVOR BIBLE and CULINARY ARTISTRY are great sources for simple flavor pairings and recipe ideas. Then off to the bars!”
The Little Black Book / SOSH.com

Giacomo Gianotti, Spain’s World Class Bartender of the Year  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Jax Gonzalez, Phoenix Public Market Cafe, Phoenix  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Colleen Graham, Cocktails.About.com  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE and WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT)

THE FLAVOR BIBLE is the ultimate resource — a giant thesaurus of flavor that was created by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg….THE FLAVOR BIBLE is a perfect compliment to Page and Dornenburg’s WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT and is an essential reference book for anyone interested in advanced flavor pairing….To understand flavor and how different flavors work with one another is essential for the advanced bartender and anyone interested in exploring new cocktails. THE FLAVOR BIBLE is the best resource I’ve seen yet that takes the professional experience of taste to the next level of study. ”
Colleen Graham, who named THE FLAVOR BIBLE “One of the Best Cocktail Books of 2008”

Matt Graham, winner of the Mob Museum’s Boss of the bars battle and beverage manager, Atomic Liquors, Las Vegas  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Nate Greene, Rx Boiler Room in the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Ri Greene, head bartender at Tavern on 1st, Birmingham, AL  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Jacob Grier, author, Cocktails on Tap, Portland, OR  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

“…I needed an idea soon!  As I often do in such situations, I turned to THE FLAVOR BIBLE, an indispensable guide to flavor pairings that work.”
Jacob Grier

Emily Han, California wildcrafter and author of Wild Drinks and Cocktails  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Allyson Harding, Boca, Cincinnati  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Allen Hemberger, The Alinea Project  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Jayme Marie Henderson, Denver sommelier and The Kitchn‘s wine columnist  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Craig Hermann, Tiki Drinks & Indigo Firmaments, New Orleans  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)


“The art of the true mixologist doesn’t stop at the glass. Cocktails are a cuisine, and as such can, and should, participate with the other culinary arts as much as possible. One of the books that I have often recommended to various mixologists across the country has been CULINARY ARTISTRY by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page. It presents the culinary palate in a unique manner by illustrating the methodology that many of the world’s greatest chefs use to approach thinking about what flavors work best with other flavors. While flavors are obviously important in cooking, the art of ‘pairing’ flavors is rarely given the attention it deserves. Which is why I found it refreshing to see it covered so well, especially since mixology specifically IS the art of flavor pairing.”
–Robert Hess

Lynn House, ex-Blackbird and Graham Elliot and current Brand Ambassador for PAMA, Chicago  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Stephen Hudson, Silvertron Cafe, Forest Park, AL  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Dean Hurst, SideBern’s and Bern’s Steak House, Tampa  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Q. How do you find inspiration for new cocktails and recipes? A. I like to start with the base spirit by evaluating the flavor profiles, regardless of how familiar it is to me. Then, I pick up THE FLAVOR BIBLE to find complementary ingredients to enhance, or contrast, that base spirit. A must-have book in your collection!
Dean Hurst

Trevin Hutchins, 2015 Maine “Bartender of the Year” candidate and bartender and bar manager, Tempo Dulu at The Danforth Inn, Portland, OR  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Michael Isted, founder, The Herball, London  (THE FLAVOUR BIBLE)

Robin Jackson, Oldfield’s Liquor Room, Los Angeles  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Jake Jamieson, editor-in-chief, LiquorSnob.com  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE and WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT)

“THE FLAVOR BIBLE and WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT are tied as our favorite cocktail creation cookbooks of 2009. Highly recommended.”
Jake Jamieson

Eric Johnson, Juniper & Ivy, San Diego (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

“I typically use THE FLAVOR BIBLE most consistently for its flavor pairings and ideas. A guy recommended this book to me many years ago and I have to say, it has not steered me wrong.”
–Eric Johnson, in San Diego magazine

William Johnson, bar manager, L’Abattoir, Vancouver  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

3 Essential Tools….Everyone needs inspiration in order to create and sometimes we need a little help with that. THE FLAVOR BIBLE is an amazing double-cross-referenced encyclopedia that tells you what foods and flavours work well with each other. This book has helped me create cocktails countless times and is an invaluable wealth of information.”
William Johnson

David Kaplan, Nick Fauchauld, and Alex Day, co-authors, Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails, with More than 500 Recipes (THE FLAVOR BIBLE and WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT)

Colleen & Shelley Kelley, Silly’s with a Twist, Portland, ME  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Nick Kenna, Blue Box at Pearl, San Antonio  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Sean Kenyon, Squeaky Bean, Denver  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Ted Kilgore, “the godfather of St. Louis mixology,” Planter’s House, St. Louis  (CULINARY ARTISTRY and THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

“‘I’m traditional and think that all cocktails are rooted in the classics. There are a few main formulas. Once you have those mastered, you just plug in different flavors.’  [Ted] Kilgore also relies heavily on two books: CULINARY ARTISTRY and THE FLAVOR BIBLE.”
Ted Kilgore, in Riverfront Times

Matt Konrad, Minneapolis  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Mirjana “Mindy” Kucan, Hilton Hotel, Austin  (CULINARY ARTISTRY and THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Hayden Lambert, The Merchant Hotel Belfast  (THE FLAVOUR BIBLE)

Megan Lee, Marble + Rye bar manager, Buffalo, NY  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)


Jason Littrell, Death & Co, NYC  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Kevin Ludwig, Beaker & Flask, Portland, OR  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Ryan Magarian, mixologist, Portland, OR  (CULINARY ARTISTRY and THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

“Your book CULINARY ARTISTRY is absolutely brilliant. I now recommend it to aspiring mixologists as a key resource for understanding the ideas and theories behind creating unique flavor combinations and generally how to approach the craft as an artisan.  I found when I replaced the word ‘chef’ with ‘mixologist,’ it especially spoke volumes to me.”
–Ryan Magarian

Lynnette Marrero, one of Food & Wine and Fortune magazines’ “Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink 2015.” Speed Rack and Drinks at 6, NYC  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Kyle Mathis, runner-up for the city’s best mixologist in 2015, Taste, St. Louis  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Matthew aka MJM of Augustine-Bar.de, Germany  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Palmer Matthews, Drink, Boston  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Chris Matrozza, The Station, Pittsburgh  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE and THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

“Using Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg’s tome THE FLAVOR BIBLE, [Chris] Matrozza delves into flavor trinities and riffs on classics. Thus cocktails like the Zihuatanejo, based on the profile of strawberry, almond and cream cheese, results in a stylized flip, with the egg white standing in for the creamy component.”
Pittsburgh City Paper

Duggan McDonnell, author, Drinking the Devil’s Acre: A Love Letter from San Francisco and her Cocktails  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Brian Means, bar manager, Fifth Floor, San Francisco  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Mariena Mercer, The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

“[Mariena] Mercer said she frequently turns to THE FLAVOR BIBLE, which lists various ingredients, their seasons and their affinities. Her usual practice is to start with a classic cocktail and then create her own interpretation of it.”
Las Vegas Review-Journal

JR Mocanu, Merchant, Madison, WI  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Travis Nass, Last Drop Bar, Phoenix  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Bill Norris, Alamo Drafthouse, The Highball, 400 Rabbits and Midnight Cowboy, Austin  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Micah Olson, Bar Crudo and Okra, Phoenix  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Samir Osman, craft barman, Nashville  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

THE FLAVOR BIBLE is an absolute must. You can look up any ingredient or flavor, and it gives you all the other possibilities that pair well with it. It’s technically a cookbook, but it applies just as well to drinks.”
Samir Osman

Brad Thomas Parsons, author, Bitters  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Clint Pattemore, author, Caesars: The Essential Guide to Your Favourite Cocktail, Calgary (THE FLAVOUR BIBLE)

Thor Paulson, The Diamond, Vancouver  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Marie Perriello, Stir Society, Pittsburgh  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Chad Phillips, Social Club at the Surfcomber Hotel, Miami Beach  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

“On the Miami bar scene, [Chad Phillips is] known for his culinary and creative approach to bartending. One of his favorite inventions is a unique beet-infused gin cocktail he calls the ‘Beet Me in St. Louis.’ He created it for his fiance on her first Mother’s Day and says he drew inspiration from their relationship. Early on, the two had bonded over a shared love of Beefeater martinis and beets. ‘I really wanted to encompass our relationship in a glass,’ he says. To make the infused gin, Phillips skinned and chopped fresh red beets and put them in a jar with the gin for three days. ‘Then I had this beautiful beet gin and no idea really what to do with it,’ he says. So he turned to THE FLAVOR BIBLE. ‘[It’s] essentially a cookbook that lists all of the flavor pairings of different ingredients and how they go together,’ he says. While paging through the book, Phillips discovered that beets go well with honey, ginger, lemon juice and tarragon, so he set to work on a cocktail that used those flavors. He says he perfected it on the first try.”
“All Things Considered” on NPR

Madeleine Rapp, bartender, Dead Rabbit, New York City  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE) (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Melissa Ray, The Owl Bar, Baltimore  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Eryn Reece, mixologist and Miss @Speed_Rack 2013 Winner (CULINARY ARTISTRY and THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Patricia Richards, mixologist, Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas

“‘First and foremost, I look at seasonality.’ Next, she considers the type of cuisine. Italian?Limoncello, basil, blood orange, Aperol, Campari and amaros.’ Pan-Asian? ‘Thai basil, ginger and lemongrass.’ ‘I may refer to my favorite book, THE FLAVOR BIBLE, to put a couple of ingredients together, and then I start creating.’”
Patricia Richards, in Vegas Seven

Massimo “Max” Rocca, Barcelona  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Audrey Saunders, cited in New York magazine as a “cocktail genius,” Pegu Club, NYC  (CULINARY ARTISTRY and THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

CULINARY ARTISTRY is sitting about three feet away from me right now. It is a fantastic book, and I refer to it all the time.  It is one of my favorites!”
Audrey Saunders

Kristen Schaefer, Shadows on the Hudson, Poughkeepsie  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

“Just like a chef, I have to balance flavors.  They use fire to cook; I use ice….I never travel without my FLAVOR BIBLE and my knife kit.”
Kristen Schaefer

Steve Schul and Paul Zablocki, CocktailBuzz.com  (CULINARY ARTISTRY)

Ben Scott, MessHall, Los Angeles  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Adam Seger, mixologist, Hum Spirits Co.  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

David Shenaut, mixologist, Portland, OR  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Daniel Shoemaker, Teardrop Lounge, Portland, OR  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Marcia Simmons, author, DIY Cocktails

“The work of the following people was extremely useful for research and inspiration: Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg.”
Marcia Simmons, DIY Cocktails (2011)

Amy Stewart, author, The Drunken Botanist  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Sean Still, Double A, Chicago  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Adrian Sutevksi, bar manager, Salt, Boulder  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Joseph Tkach, MeasureAndStir.com  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Cecil Usher, lead bartender, Butcher & The Rye, Pittsburgh  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Andrew Vidulich, Eulogy Bar and Beneluxx Bar, Philadelphia  (CULINARY ARTISTRY)

Duncan Wedderburn, bar manager at Palm House, San Francisco  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Elayne Werns-Duke, Ambassador / Mixologist for Diageo Reserve Brands (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Pamela Wiznitzer, Seamstress, New York City  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE) (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Jake Worth, Lyon Hall, Clarendon, VA  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

“At Lyon Hall in Clarendon, bartender Jake Worth sees the increasing depth and sophistication of beverage menus as a natural progression. ‘We consume cocktails the same way we consume food,’ he says. ‘There has to be acidity, sweetness, bitterness, and now [we] are working to bring in the earthy umami flavor.’ For a handy reference, Worth often consults THE FLAVOR BIBLE, a book that provides a jumping-off point for chefs and bartenders by naming complementary flavors for hundreds of ingredients.”
Arlington magazine

A number of sommeliers and other wine experts have also been inspired by our work, including:

Steven Baker, wine columnist and Authentic Wines, Eugene, OR  (WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT)

Doug Bell, Whole Foods’ global wine buyer

Q. Do you have a favorite book on wine? A. I love WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT; I recommend it to everybody.”
Doug Bell, in Wine Spectator

Doug Frost, MS, MW, America’s first joint aster sommelier / master of wine

“Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg’s excellent compendiums CULINARY ARTISTRY, WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT, and, most recently, THE FLAVOR BIBLE, are nothing if not smart, savvy and plugged into the American and, to a lesser extent, the international culinary world. Their books reflect a Who’s Who familiarity with the great chefs of America, and THE FLAVOR BIBLE is a gas to read. It’s designed to jumpstart imaginative menus and creative cookery for anyone ready to build from scratch. Page and Dornenburg litter their books with great ideas and anecdotes from those great chefs, so just flipping the pages is enough to fire you up to build your own brilliant recipes.”
Doug Frost

Justin Leone, sommelier, Alinea, Chicago  (CULINARY ARTISTRY)

“I adore CULINARY ARTISTRY, as does every chef I know.”
Justin Leone

Eddie Osterland, MS, America’s first master sommelier  (CULINARY ARTISTRY)

“How do you know if a particular wine goes well with a particular food? … How does the mix of flavors taste?  If you like what you taste, you have a winner.  If not, you know that those two items are ‘flavor enemies,’ to quote my friends Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page, authors of CULINARY ARTISTRY and other books.”
Eddie Osterland, master sommelier, in Power Entertaining (2012)

Darrin Siegfried, sommelier  (WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT)


A number of brewmasters have also been inspired by our work, including:

Jesse Friedman, Almanac Beer Company, Columbus  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Kevin Lemp, 4 Hands Brewing Company, St. Louis  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Shawn E. Marchese (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Steve Piatz, author, The Complete Guide to Making Mead  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Ashley Routson, author, The Beer Wench’s Guide to Beer: An Unpretentious Guide to Craft Beer  (WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT)

“Although the primary focus of this book is on food and wine pairings, beer and food lovers can still take away a lot of valuable information from WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EATMost of what I know about the symmetry between food and beverage, I’ve learned from reading the books of Karen and Andrew.”
Ashley Routson, in The Beer Wench’s Guide to Beer (2015)

Eric Tollison, Huntsville, AL  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

[Eric] Tollison gets some of his biggest beer-making inspiration from reading a chef’s manual THE FLAVOR BIBLE by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg. ‘It’s kind of a cookbook but it really just tells you what flavors go together,’ Tollison says, ‘and that can really help with, ‘I want to add orange peel to this. What goes with orange peel?’  ‘This may sound odd but it’s all connected. A lot of chefs are doing some great stuff now with local ingredients. You see them make a dish and you think, ‘I want to make a beer with flavors with that.’”

Michael Tonsmeire, BrewYourOwn.com  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE


A number of baristas have also been inspired by our work, including:

Laura Clark, lead barista, Kaldi’s Coffee, Kansas City  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Caitlin Corcoran, barista, Parisi Artisan Coffee, Kansas City; ranked 25th in the U.S. Barista Championship  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Logan Demmy, Mouton, Columbus, OH  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Lucy Valena, Voltage Coffee & Art, Cambridge  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)

Duncan Wedderburn, Palm House, San Francisco  (THE FLAVOR BIBLE)


A number of tea experts have also been inspired by our work, including:

Lisa Boalt Richardson, author, Modern Tea: A Fresh Look at an Ancient Beverage (WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT)


“Love your books….BECOMING A CHEF was truly inspirational for me.”
–Dr. Michael Mascha, food anthropologist and founder of FineWaters.com

Tess Masters, TheBlenderGirl.com, via Twitter