Having a forum where we can freely, joyfully, and peacefully share our honest opinions, and having the trust and goodwill of our readers, are of great importance to us.

In addition, as there are certain statements the FTC requires of food bloggers, here is ours:

KarenAndAndrew.com (“the Website”) is a personal website written and edited by us, Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg (“the Authors”), on the subject of our experiences with and around food, drink, hospitality, and travel – and other areas of particular interest to us.


We don’t accept any form of paid advertising or topic insertions except in the sidebars, or other areas where it is clearly marked or evident. Some of the links in the posts are retailer (e.g., Amazon) links, on whose sales we may receive a standard commission. We do not write about anything we wouldn’t happily purchase ourselves or recommend to a friend.

Products Featured

From time to time, we may accept products (e.g., samples of foods and/or beverages, review copies of books), services, travel, and event tickets from companies and organizations as long as the topic is relevant to the blog, or aligned with our personal interests.

We strive to provide honest evaluations of products and places, and do not accept any monetary compensation for our reviews. Nor do we ever promise to mention any products or places we may be invited to experience.

From time to time, we may participate in press trips and write about the places we visited during that trip. Press trips are common and acceptable for many food and travel writers, as they often offer writers extraordinary access to places, events, and experiences which are often educational in nature. They may include behind-the-scenes tours of wineries, distilleries, hotels, restaurants, and professional food and wine tastings. The access offered by such trips allows us to share greater depth of information and insight, as well as insiders’ perspectives, with our readers. As with any products or experiences we review, we only share those we personally enjoyed and expect that our readers would enjoy and receive no monetary compensation for our reviews.

Wellness and Health

Content on this website should not take the place of personalized medical care or treatment. The Website contains the opinions and ideas of its Authors and is intended to provide useful information on its subject matters; it should be used with the understanding that the authors are not engaged in rendering professional services via this Website. The Authors disclaim all liability in connection with the use of the Website.


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