Shelf Awareness Names Its “Favorite Cookbooks of 2017,” Which Include Our Book KITCHEN CREATIVITY

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sara Catterall reviews KITCHEN CREATIVITY for Shelf Awareness’s list of “Favorite Cookbooks of 2017”

“[KITCHEN CREATIVITY] will appeal to cooks at every level, and those interested in creativity, whatever the medium.”
–Sara Catterall, Shelf Awareness

Shelf Awareness has evolved into a daily must-read for those in and around the field of book publishing, by delivering on its motto “Daily Enlightenment for the Book Trade.”  

In naming “Our Favorite Cookbooks of 2017,” their editors muse, “How many chefs does it take to whittle down our favorite cookbooks of 2017 to only 20? Many–and from all culinary corners, including some who couldn’t sauté if their lives depended on it, a few who can and will happily follow complicated recipes with tasty success, and those who just want to eat, already!”

We’re delighted that Shelf Awareness‘s list includes KITCHEN CREATIVITY. About it, reviewer Sara Catterall writes:

“Recipes are a good place for anyone to start cooking, but it can be more rewarding to learn how to cook inventively to please your tastes, with the best ingredients available to you. Food writer Karen Page (THE FLAVOR BIBLE) has written many acclaimed books with photography by her husband, Andrew Dornenburg. In KITCHEN CREATIVITY she compiles the advice of successful chefs, and studies how they manage their creative lives. Sections discuss techniques, how flavors and textures work together, and how to invent new dishes. In sidebars and subsections, Page offers a five-step creative process, historical origins of flavor combinations, sources for the best ingredients, book recommendations and lists of award-winning chefs and restaurants. An encyclopedia-style section is meant to spark ideas with entries such as Altitude, Enneagrams and Summer. This book will appeal to cooks at every level, and those interested in creativity, whatever the medium. Discover: A top food writer presents the creative lives and technical advice of professional chefs in this combination creativity study and cooking manual.

For the entire list, click here.

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