Food Network Host Tregaye Fraser Gifts “Cinderella Chefs” With Cooking Skills, Self-Esteem, and CULINARY ARTISTRY

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Left: Three “Cinderella Chefs” with their copies of CULINARY ARTISTRY; Right, top: Chef Tregaye Fraser; Right, bottom: Chef Tregaye’s Instagram photo of the gifts given to the 15 participants, which include CULINARY ARTISTRY

“The Saving Our Daughters Foundation recently launched their inaugural Saving Our Cinderellas, a three-week cooking program geared toward teaching young girls how to cook delicious and healthy meals to prevent future health risks and reduce the consumption of fast food.  The foundation teamed with Atlanta Chef Tregaye Fraser to debut the course at the prestigious Ron Clark Academy.  A small, hand-picked class of girls, ranging from fifth grade to eighth grade, brimmed with glee and curiosity as they were introduced to nontraditional foods, such as radishes, arugula and ginger.” (June 21, 2017)

Chef Tregaye Fraser, who won Season 12 of “Food Network Star” and co-hosts “Kitchen Sink,” is not one to let moss grow under her proverbial chefs’ clogs.

Last week, she convened her Junior Chef Summer Camp for 15 Atlanta-based girls (grades 5th-8th) from Ron Clark Academy who were chosen to participate through Saving Our Daughters’ Cinderella program that deters bullying and promotes the development of self-esteem through the arts.   

“I’ve wanted to do a junior chef program for a while now,” said Chef Tregaye told “I think it’s so important for young girls to learn how to cook. I want them to be able to create and cook amazing food so they can pass that along to their families.”

We were delighted to learn that each “Cinderella Chef” received a knife kit, a thermometer, and a copy of our book CULINARY ARTISTRY.

On their first day, the girls learned knife skills and plating, and prepared a citrus fruit salad with goat cheese and pomegranate gastrique which allowed them to hone their dressing technique.

While this program is launching in Atlanta, Saving Our Daughters has plans to expand the program across the country. “This is our pilot program at the Ron Clark Academy but our vision is to have this [cooking] program in all of our Saving Our Cinderellas Programs nationwide,” Saving Our Daughters’ Bianca Ash told “We have such a passionate relationship with the Ron Clark Academy so it only made sense to have it here but we’re definitely taking this program to our girls in New York, L.A. and Chicago.”

We’re happy to cheer on Chef Tregaye’s efforts here in New York City, and beyond.

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