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CULINARY ARTISTRY:  One of the “Best Cookbooks of All Time”
Food & Wine (March 2015)

One of the “Top 10 Must-Have Cookbooks”
Southern Living cookbook editor Sarah Gleim (2014)

“One of the top 10 must-have cookbooks of the past 25 years.”
Alison Fryer & Jennifer Grange of The Cookbook Store in Toronto, in the Toronto Star (2008)

“One of 18 Must-Own Cookbooks.”
TV’s “Chopped”

After more than a quarter century of marriage, we don’t have kids — we have books.

And as our book CULINARY ARTISTRY marks its 20th birthday today, we’re happy to celebrate this landmark day in its history.

We’re feeling enormous gratitude to everyone who has played a part in CULINARY ARTISTRY‘s life to date — including those who let the world know this book existed, all our readers who have told us how much the book influenced them, and especially all of the chefs who generously allowed us to interview and feature them:

Rick Bayless | Daniel Boulud | Terrance Brennan
Gary Danko | Susan Feniger | Susanna Foo
George Germon | Joyce Goldstein | Hubert Keller
Johanne Killeen | Gray Kunz | Mark Miller
Mary Sue Milliken | Patrick O’Connell | Bradley Ogden
Jean-Louis Palladin | Charlie Palmer | Francois Payard
Mark Peel | Michael Romano | Anne Rosenzweig
Chris Schlesinger | Jimmy Schmidt | Dieter Schorner
Lindsey Shere | Lydia Shire | Nancy Silverton
Joachim Splichal | Jeremiah Tower | Norman Van Aken
Jean-Georges Vongerichten | Alice Waters | Jasper White

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have been a part of CULINARY ARTISTRY‘s ongoing journey — and who have helped to spread the good word literally around the world:

United States/East:

“Among all the ‘cookbooks’ in my collection, CULINARY ARTISTRY may well be the most beaten and battered…To this day, if I’m really stuck for a flavor pairing, I will still refer to CULINARY ARTISTRY for its charts of common, and not so common, matches.”
–Michael Laiskonis, 2007 James Beard Award winner for Outstanding Pastry Chef (NYC)

United States/Midwest:

“Most used cookbook: CULINARY ARTISTRY by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg.”
–Grant Achatz of Alinea, 2008 James Beard Award winner for Outstanding Chef, as quoted in the November 2006 issue of Chicago magazine, a month after Alinea was named America’s #1 restaurant in Gourmet magazine

United States/South:

CULINARY ARTISTRY is a great cookbook for everyone, but a revolutionary one for professional chefs…After almost 15 years of having my dog-eared copy, I still use it to spark my creativity. This is another core book in any cook’s kitchen.”
–Hugh Acheson, James Beard Award winner and “Top Chef” judge

United States/West:

Q. Favorite Cookbook?  A.CULINARY ARTISTRY….
It’s full of charts, and it has famous chefs’ recipes in it. It lists ingredients and gives you possibilities for other flavors that go with those ingredients. And it tells you how these chefs think about ingredients.”
–Michael Voltaggio, chef-owner of Ink in Los Angeles, and winner of Season 6 of “Top Chef”


“Favourite cookbook: CULINARY ARTISTRY.”
–Lachlan Colwill, chef, Grace the Establishment, named South Australia’s Best Chef – 2010


Epic. One that started it all.”
–Will Goldfarb, director of the pastry program at Ku De Ta and called “one of the finest chefs in the world to pass through the elBulli kitchen”


“Favourite cookbook:  CULINARY ARTISTRY.”
–Lynn Crawford, one of Canada’s best-known celebrity chefs


CULINARY ARTISTRY…seemed to pull together everything that was missing in my ideology of food.”
–Michelin two-star chef John Campbell


“Anoop Prakash, managing director of Harley-Davidson India…swears by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page’s book CULINARY ARTISTRY, which focuses on flavour combinations.”
–Rudraneil Sengupta, Wall Street Journal


“My current favourites…CULINARY ARTISTRY.  There are very few books that give readers a glimpse of how chefs develop their dishes.  This book is one of the few to explore this.  I’d recommend it to anyone wishing to learn about the creative process…A hidden foodie gem.”
–Mary Carney, winner of “MasterChef”


Twenty years after it was first published, CULINARY ARTISTRY is still available via and at better bookstores everywhere.

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