Chef Daniel Boulud’s Entire Team Inspires Kitchen Creativity

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Front row: Andrew Dornenburg, Aaron Bludorn of Cafe Boulud, Daniel Boulud, Karen Page, Eddy Leroux of Daniel; Back row: Jean-Francois Bruel of Daniel, pastry chef Ghaya Oliveira of Daniel, and Travis Swikard of Boulud Sud

In addition to learning an enormous amount about creativity in the kitchen, researching and writing and photographing our next book has been teaching us a lot about our creative process in general.  It’s the first time we’ve become conscious of our typical “creative gestation” process and its seasonality — and how creatively alive we typically find ourselves during the quiet of summertime heading into the fall.   The period of August into October may be our most creatively productive months, both historically and currently, and now that we know this, we can plan around it better in the future.

Something we’ve known for years is that there may be nothing that inspires us more than spending time with the world’s most talented and creative chefs.  On Friday afternoon, we had the great privilege of being with Chef Daniel Boulud and his key creative team at Daniel in New York City for a photo shoot (and a follow-up interview or two!) for our next book KITCHEN CREATIVITY (forthcoming from Little, Brown).

Our heartfelt thanks to the extraordinarily talented Chef Boulud and his multi-talented teams at Daniel (executive chef Jean-Francois Bruel, chef de cuisine Eddy Leroux, executive pastry chef Ghaya Oliveira), Cafe Boulud (executive chef Aaron Bludorn), and Boulud Sud (executive chef Travis Swikard).  Each of these chefs is as insightful in discussing his or her work as he or she is in executing it deliciously — a rare combination indeed.

Learning the disparate sources of their own inspiration is inspiring to us in turn — something for which we’re enormously grateful as we work to finish our book!


Daniel is at 60 E. 65th Street, between Park & Madison Avenues in New York City.

Cafe Boulud is at 20 E. 76th Street, between Madison & Fifth Avenues.

Boulud Sud is at 20 W. 64th Street, between Central Park West & Broadway.

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