Join Karen and Andrew for a #MeatlessMondayChat on Twitter — Monday, May 11th, at 8 pm ET

Monday, May 11, 2015


New to vegetarian cooking, or simply want to pick up some kitchen tricks for Meatless Monday?

Join us on Monday, May 11th at 8pm ET for a Twitter chat hosted by @MeatlessMonday.  

We’ll share lots of tips from firsthand experience as well as THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE, the heart of which is an A –Z guide of ingredients (Acai to Zucchini blossoms) and the produce, spices, herbs, and other seasonings that best pair with and enhance their flavors. Not sure what to do with those ramps you scored at the farmers market? Consult THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE and you’ll learn that they go well with asparagus, peas, eggs, parsley and cheese. Sounds like the beginnings of a Meatless Monday Spring Frittata to us!

Monday’s Twitter chat is not only your chance to share your favorite vegetarian flavor pairings, but also to confess what stumps you in the kitchen and get some advice from us as well as other Twitterers! Plus, two lucky participants will win copies of THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE.

To join the conversation, log on to Twitter at 8pm ET on Monday, May 11th. Follow @MeatlessMonday for the chat questions and use the hashtag #MeatlessMondayChat in all of your responses.  Hope to see you there!


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