Thanking THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE‘s Vegan Blog Tour Hosts

Saturday, February 7, 2015


THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE…is life-changing.  If you love to cook and create unique recipes, this book will greatly expand your resource of creativity in the kitchen….This is the most used book in my entire house.
Katie Henry,

“Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg have won every prestigious cookbook award in the world for [THE FLAVOR BIBLE], and their vegetarian follow-up is just as brilliant….  Honestly, I don’t know how I ever cooked without this, and I highly recommend this book to ANY and EVERY cook…This book will make you a better cook, and will certainly give you the tools to make bolder choices in the kitchen sitting on the shoulders of chefs that have experimented before you….It’s just genius.
Tess Masters,

We loved celebrating “Veganuary,” which ended up being extended into “Veganruary” due to popular demand — and one of the best parts about it, aside from discovering the joys of a virtually-entirely dairy-free month (there was a bit of a slip-up on 1/31, so we’ve kept going to make up for it), was being able to virtually “meet” the hosts of so many wonderful vegan food blogs that hosted stops on THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE‘s Virtual Book Tour.

From Durham, North Carolina (January 6th) to Wasilla, Alaska (February 6th), we connected with bloggers who each had their own touching stories of how they became vegan.  Each also had their own unique way of celebrating veganism on their website.  While we’ve only met one of them in person (vegan dessert queen Fran Costigan), we feel like we got to know virtually all of them through their words and posts, and are happy to thank each of them yet again:

“Veganuary 2015″*
Vegan Blog Tour

Tuesday, January 6th (Durham, NC):  Kathy Hester’s Healthy Slow Cooking

Wednesday, January 7th (West Orange, NJ):  Dianne Wenz‘s Chic Vegan

Thursday, January 8th (Manhattan, NY):  Fran Costigan

Friday, January 9th (Woodstock, VA):  Robin Robertson

Monday, January 12th (Bronx, NY):  Carlo and Carmella Giardina’s The Food Duo

Tuesday, January 13th (Ashtabula, OH):  Tamasin NoyesVegan Appetite

Wednesday, January 14th (Jamaica Plain, MA):  Amanda McGuire’s Pickles N Honey

Thursday, January 15th (Long Beach, CA):  Joni Marie Newman’s Just the Food

Friday, January 16th (San Diego, CA):  Zsu Dever’s Zsu’s Vegan Pantry

Monday, January 19th (Brooklyn, NY):  Sarah Hohn’s Homemade Levity

Tuesday, January 20th (Los Alamitos, CA):  Jackie Sobon’s Vegan Yack Attack

Wednesday, January 21st (Kirkland, WA):  Sarah De la Cruz’s Fried Dandelions

Thursday, January 22nd (Redondo Beach, CA):  Erin Wysocarski’s Olives for Dinner

Friday, January 23rd (Portland, OR):  Sarah McMinn’s My Darling Vegan

Monday, January 26th (San Diego, CA):  Part I:  Melissa Martin’s

Tuesday, January 27th (Beaverton, OR):  Julie Hasson

Wednesday, January 28th (Germantown, MD):  Angela McKee’s Canned Time

Thursday, January 29th (New Britain, PA):  Lydia Grossov’s From A to Vegan

Friday, January 30th (Toluca Lake, CA):  Tess MastersHealthy Blender Recipes

Monday, February 2nd (West Orange, NJ):  Dianne Wenz’s Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen

Tuesday, February 3rd (San Diego, CA):  Part II:  Melissa Martin’s

Friday, February 6th (Wasilla, AK):  Kathleen Henry’s Produce on Parade




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