THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE Featured in Gift Bag at PCRM’s New York City Evening of Art & Compassion

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Top left: Dr. Neal Barnard thanks Alexander Gray and David Cabrera; Top right: Karen Page and Dr. Neal Barnard; Bottom left: Karen Page and Dr. Robert Ostfeld; Bottom right: Andrew Dornenburg, Joy Pierson, Michael Suchman, and Ethan Ciment


Top left: Niombi Howell, Karen Page, Dr. Neal Barnard, and Makini Howell; Center: Karen Page and Joy Pierson; Bottom left: THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE added four pounds to PCRM’s great gift bag; Bottom right: The team behind Brooklyn Dark vegan chocolate

“Americans now eat more than one million animals every hour….The health problems caused by animal-based diets — heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and many others — have provided the rationale for a nearly endless burden of experimentation using millions of animals every year.”

Just over a year ago, we were among an audience of 400 guests at a debate hosted by National Public Radio’s “Intelligence Squared” (IQ2) series, moderated by ABC News correspondent John Donovan.  The topic?  “Don’t Eat Anything With a Face.” 

One of the debaters arguing for the (winning) proposition was clinical researcher Neal Barnard, MD, the bestselling author of such books as Power Foods for the Brain and Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes and founder and president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).  He was so articulate in his arguments that we were (and still are) in awe of his mastery of diverse aspects of the subject (from nutrition to environmental considerations to animal testing), which has helped us both clarify our own views and beliefs, for which we’re enormously grateful.

Karen since had the pleasure and privilege of interviewing Dr. Barnard for THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE, and he kindly provided an endorsement for the book’s back cover.  We’ve also enjoyed coming to learn more about his work with PCRM and to support the organization — including tonight’s gathering at Alexander Gray Associates, a gorgeous contemporary art gallery, which gathered 100 merry-making PCRM supporters for a wonderful evening to hear more about PCRM’s latest activities as well as the personal stories of a few special guests, who included the longtime co-host of Howard Stern’s radio show Robin Quivers and CNN host Jane Velez-Mitchell.

After a memorably enjoyable (and of course delicious) evening at Candle 79 with Neal and a number of other PCRM supporters earlier this fall, we knew that if the people gathered tonight were half as charming as those we’d had the pleasure of sitting down to dinner with — who had included Alexander Gray’s partner David Cabrera and a member of tonight’s host committee Dr. Ethan J. Ciment — it would be a fun night.  And indeed it was.


Top left: Jane Velez-Mitchell, Joy Pierson, Robin Quivers, and Karen Page; Top right: Karen Page with Noah Gittell and Breanna Goebel; Bottom right: Niombi Howell, Joy Pierson, Bart Portenza, Makini Howell, and Andrew Dornenburg

Of course it’s a draw for lovers of plant-based cuisine that the party featured the food of Manhattan’s leading vegan restaurant Candle 79, as well as Treeline Treenut Cheese and Brooklyn Dark vegan chocolate.

We’re delighted that Little, Brown was kind enough to make copies of THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE available to tonight’s guests via the event gift bags.

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