Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Left: Editor Michael Sand snapped this photo of the manuscript for just Chapter 3 — so you won’t be surprised to learn that the book itself clocks in at 576 pages!  /  Right: After considering a few other options, we love the book’s final cover — fresh, yet reminiscent of its non-veg predecessor

“I’m beyond impressed — I’m blown away by this book.”
–Evan Kleiman, host of “Good Food” on KCRW, Southern California’s flagship NPR affiliate

“Clocking in at 576 pages, the epic new veg tome includes history lessons, cooking techniques, nutrition guides, recipes, and detailed flavor profiles of hundreds of plant-based foods….[An] instant classic.”
–Molly Woodstock, Portland Monthly

“Ranks hands-down as one of the most useful food books of the year.”
– editors

Today — Tuesday, October 14, 2014 — marks the first official day of publication of THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE.  This book is a labor of love that has occupied our affections for the past several years — Karen as its researcher and author, and Andrew as its photographer (and behind-the-scenes research chef).

Our research for this book was thorough — arguably very thorough — and yet we find that we’re still learning new things every single day since Karen submitted the book’s final manuscript.  Our latest discoveries will make their way onto this blog and into future books.

Part of our research involved changing to a “99% vegetarian” diet as of May 2012.  We still aren’t crazy about labels like “vegetarian” and “vegan,” but for all intents and purposes, we’re eating vegetarian every day now (and vegan at home, plus much of the time away from home).

We’re thrilled about this book’s publication, about which some very well-respected authors, chefs, journalists, and other experts have already been saying and writing some very nice things.

Truth be told, we already knew in our hearts the first time we held it in our arms that it was the best book we’d ever created.

We hope you enjoy it, too.


P.S. We are forever grateful to everyone on the extended Little, Brown team — with special, heartfelt thanks to editor Michael Sand — who shared our passion for this book and for making it as good, true, and beautiful as possible, and who offered moral and/or other support along the way, including Reagan Arthur, Judy Clain, Meghan Deans, Nicole Dewey, Heather Fain, Peggy Freudenthal, Cathy Gruhn, Keith Hayes, Denise LaCongo, Garrett McGrath, Michael Pietsch, Amelia Possanza, Kathryn Rogers, Andrea Shallcross, Rebecca Westall, and Jean Wilcox.

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