THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE: A Memorable First Week for Our New Book

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Unbelievable….A fabulous book….Huge, and so informative….If you ever thought of starting a plant-based diet, this is a great place to begin.”

—Marilu Henner, actress and host, The Marilu Henner Show

The most useful food book I’ve encountered in years.”

—Chris Nuttall-Smith, The Globe and Mail

“A masterpiece.”

—Ann Esselstyn, bestselling author, The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook


THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE has been in existence for one week, as of yesterday.  As we’re about to head out on book tour again, after having toured the Midwest last week before returning home for a couple of events in New York City, we thought it was a good opportunity to reflect on what we’ve been learning while out on the road.

As the Twitter post above suggests, this book evolved as a solution to a problem — ours and just about everyone else’s, it seems:  Figuring out the most healthful things to eat (and how much of them), and how to make them taste delicious.

The Introduction to THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE addresses the first part, delving into what Karen learned about plant-based nutrition through the certificate program she completed at Cornell in conjunction with the T. Colin Campbell Foundation, as well as through our own practical experience of having eaten a 99% vegetarian (and mostly vegan) diet since May 2012.

It’s been a pleasure to connect with so many hard-core fans of THE FLAVOR BIBLE, who naturally wonder what the differences are between 2008’s THE FLAVOR BIBLE and 2014’s THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE.  Was the new book simply THE FLAVOR BIBLE minus the meat and fish, some wondered?

While meat, poultry, and seafood are all gone from THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE, the development of this book represented a bottom-up research effort into plant-based ingredients including vegetables, legumes, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, and so much more that this book clocks in at 576 pages — making it nearly 50 percent larger than the original!


Who was THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE created for, others have asked?  “Anyone who would benefit from eating more nutrient-dense plant-based ingredients and who wants to do so deliciously” is our honest answer — not to mention all the professional chefs and home cooks who want to learn the secrets of how America’s best plant-strong chefs work with these ingredients to coax extraordinary flavor from them!


In other words, as Little, Brown’s kind October 15th announcement of the book’s publication in The New York Times (above) suggested, THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE is for everyone!

We look forward to your picking it up to see how you can eat more healthfully and flavorfully — and know it will be a welcome gift to all the food lovers on your holiday list whom you’d like to see live long, happy, and flavor-filled lives!

Highlights from Recent Book Tour Stops


We were surprised and honored that the same day he was named “the NYPD’s king of Twitter” in a New York Post headline, Commissioner Bill Bratton (with his “CBS This Morning” legal analyst wife Rikki Klieman) not only attended our October 20th NYC launch event for THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE, but Tweeted about it later that night!


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